Create job invoice from specific job task

Invoicing Jobs to Customers
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Presenter: Mette Thavlov Neukirch

How do you invoice a specific job task?

In some cases, I see companies who want to invoice only part of the job based on the job task number. This might be relevant if you’re using the job task to give the faces of your project, and you want to invoice each phase separately.

This is what happens in the video

So here I’ve opened the job card and you can see we have a project start job task and some workshop and training, and you can see there’s billable lines on both of these.

But if I only want to invoice the project’s start, I can mark that line, say documents and create sales invoice.

This is the same prompt that will open when you’re invoicing the whole invoice.

The difference is that the system will apply the filters for you. So here you can see that it’s job number S30 and job task number 1000.

So we expect 21,150,00 to be added to this invoice, assuming we’re not using date filters and other things.

The invoice price field here will not change yet as the invoice is still in draft mode, but let’s go and have a look at the invoice.

If I want to open invoice just for this job task number; I can go to line, documents, and sales invoices and credit memos.

Then there will be a filter only for this job task number. This is the invoice we just created, I will open it. And as you can see, there’s 21,150,00 now I can go to posting and my normal sales process for handling its sales invoices. Just for fun, let us try to post this one. I will say no to opening the actual posted invoice.

You can see change status here to posted invoice, and we have the invoice amount etc.

And now we have a value in the billable invoice price. Because we have created job ledger entries of the type sale based on that invoice.