How to decide the Start Date and End Date in the Master Planning

Master Planning – Focus 2 weeks to 3 months
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to decide the Start Date and End Date in the Master Planning in Business Central?

As a master data planner, it is quite important that I respect the time interval related to my detailed planning on one side and my long-term planning on the other side. So I need to figure out the people doing detailed planning, what is the period they’re planning up till now, and the people doing long-term planning, when are they planning from?

This is what happens in the video

This means I would need to be aware what do we have of existing released production orders and purchase orders, or for instance here, if I go into my released production order, I can see the overview if I have any here.

Those will be the detailed planning people working on those and when I’m re-planning my firm planned production orders, which is a mixture of what I’m doing in the master planning and what the detailed planning people are releasing from that list. I have to be aware in which date period I’m re-planning.

So for instance, if we set that the next 2 weeks, we lock the order on don’t pre-plan the order. I will go in my planning worksheet when I do the planning and respect those dates that I have agreed with the detailed planning guys when I run the MRP planning.

This means the starting date here, for instance, if applying from 1st of May and maybe three months ahead until 31 of August, for instance. So this could be my planning period and I need to be sure that the detailed planning and long-term planners agree with that.