MRP Master Planning for Purchase Items

Master Planning – Focus 2 weeks to 3 months
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to do Master Planning for Purchase Items in Business Central?

When I’m doing master planning as a purchaser, I would like to plan upon all the firm planned order that the master planner for production order has made. I would have expected them to run the planning worksheet and do all this stuff and calculating capacities, etc, and then tell me when they’re done with the master planning period for production order.

This is what happens in the video

That means I could go into the planning worksheet, calculate the plan, and I would like to set a filter on our master planning period on purchase items with no low-level codes and if only firm planned production orders already made as good as possible from the master production planner, this will be my best suggestion for purchase orders and I can run through them and handle them.

In my experience, most of the planners, purchase planners would like to plan per vendor meaning I could filter here on vendor number and handle one vendor at a time. So I could just filter here.

Look at vendor number 51,000 here, handle all the lines, these are all for that vendor number, all those quantities, all those dates. I might also want to filter on the dates if this is not supposed to go in one purchase order, but I’d like to make a purchase order per month. I could filter on my expected due date on the different months, etc.

And then when I’m done here, I will check my order lines that I need to carry out and I will process and carry out actions and create purchase orders. So this would be a nice way of doing my master planning as a purchaser.

And of course, since I’ve done the long-term planning already, I do have purchase orders in here. In real life, this will not be suggested as new but maybe changes, upgrades, etc. So I need to handle all the existing purchase orders in the master planning period and make sure that they fit with whatever is suggested here.