The idea of the MRP plan is to break down demands into demands on all the lower hierarchy levels

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to work with MRP Planning in Business Central?

The idea of the MRP planning is to break down the demand from a top-level into all the lower levels and that’s of course what you need to know when you are planning in your planning worksheet.

This is what happens in the video

So let’s take a more manual example. Instead of just planning everything, I could add a low-level code on the top-level, meaning now I only plan on the low-level code items which could be both purchase items, transfer items, production items, Etc, and I might even want to change some of those lines saying I will not change this quantity here for whatever reasons and of course I should look into the quantity and see what I’m doing here.

So I’m not doing anything stupid or something that the math wouldn’t think was clever.

So I could change the line, handle the line here on low level 1, sorry 0. and maybe here there’s some quantities that I don’t like, I could change those, Etc.

So for each of those lines, when the line were calculated, if it’s manufactured items, the system will have made demands or planning component lines under that specific line saying, if this planning line was supposed to be made, we need to have all those component with an expected quantity here, and with their due dates here.

And this is my broken down demand. This means when I calculate on level 1, the next level, the system will know the changes I’ve made and will take into account everything that we did on level zero.

So basically if we run the complete plan in one go, it will just break down the whole hierarchy creating demands on all levels below. And likewise, if I’m doing here what we could call low-level code planning, I could just take one level at a time, maybe from 2 till the rest now, the rest of them.

So in this way, I can plant in different levels, but not with only production item or purchase item, that wouldn’t make sense.

So this way the system will break down all my demands from the top level and all the way through the hierarchy.