The Safety Leadtime on the Item Card and Stockkeeping Unit

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What is the safety leadtime field used for in Business Central?

On the item card of Business Central as well as the stock keeping unit card, we have the field safety lead time and that can be used to stretch the lead time when planning on items.

This is what happens in the video

So here on the planning tab. There’s the field safety lead time here and it’s a date field so you can enter, for instance, three days or whatever your safety leadership should be.

Let me make a drawing of how this is used.

So this is an example of a withdraw of an item. We have some inventory with an actual withdraw until today, there is some past, some futures, and you can see in the future, of course, the expected withdraw, we’re not sure about that but we will guess what it is, and this is withdraw that bases our order quantities, reorder point, safety stocks, Etc.

So if you have uncertainty on your withdraw and you have uncertainty on your lead-time, the things we have to set up for handling those will be the safety stock quantity on one hand and the safety lead time on the other hand, so you can theoretically measure your safety lead time.

So when you enter safety lead time on the item card, it will just make your supply order come this time period before to inventory to be safe.