Planning and Reordering are completely independent when running MRP planning

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

What is the difference between planning and reordering in the planning worksheet in Business Central?

Being a planner, it’s very important for you to remember that planning and reordering is two absolutely different things in the planning worksheet that both carried out in the planning worksheet, but first one then the other.

This is what happens in the video

That means, for instance, here if I have a line of item thousand, this item was planned per item, per location, per variant, with all kinds of input and the system suggested create this new line with a due date, the 27th of April and with a quantity of -what we see on the quantity 55.

And then after creating that line saying this is the line we’re going to do, it will figure out, is this a purchase item, a production item, an assembly item, or transfer item, and thereby creating the starting date, this one if it’s backwards planned and creating the companies in here.

On my line, if it’s production item and of course new components if it’s a purchase item, so this mean, you have to understand the planning machine like a machine that calculates all the planning first based on-demand, suppliers, inventory, Master Data, Etc, depending demands. And then afterwards, after figuring out this the line we’re going to do, then it creates the order line, the proposal depending on the replenishment system on that item.