Invoicing through Purchase Orders

Invoicing Purchase Orders
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to create a purchase invoice straight from a purchase order in Business Central?

In this video, I will show you how to make a purchase invoice directly from a purchase order, based on a quantity that we have received.

This is what happens in the video

So, I know I have an existing purchase order where I have received quantity already, and I’ll now get the invoice from the vendor.

So I’ll find my purchase order, search by either item number or vendor number, and here’s my purchase order, and I can see on my purchase order the quantity that I have received already, on the lines, I’ve received 270, and my invoice should be on that amount as well.

And the purchase order will be automatically released, when I receive quantity, but now I get the invoice, and I would like to change the prices, and maybe add another line for freight, which popped up on the invoice, that we haven’t entered yet, so I need to reopen my purchase order, I can do that from the release tab, and reopen, and I can now enter the actual amounts and quantities that we have, so maybe these were a little cheaper, and maybe we’ve got some more handling costs, and we would like to add an item charge line, because it’s on the purchase invoice we received, and I select the item charge, maybe it’s freight.

And I’ll add the freight. It was expensive.

And I must assign the item charge on my lines, item charge assignments, and I can assign it automatically to the open order by suggesting item charge assignment, and I have to enter the quantity to invoice, and if I just post now, it will post both received and invoice.

But I’m only going to post my invoicing.

Therefore, I have to modify the quantities to invoice, and I must enter a vendor invoice number.

And now I can post my invoicing of the purchase order.

This means, it’s only partly invoicing, because I still want to receive 30 of this item, and I still want to receive my charge item, so I have to delete the quantity to receive, like this, now I can post both receipt and invoicing.

Because I deleted the quantity to receive on the first line.

So, this will make an invoice out of my purchase order, but it will leave the purchase order open, because there’s still some amount missing, so, I have left the quantity to receive as 30, and the quantity to invoice as 30, and all of the other stuff is invoiced correctly.

And I can go and find my purchase invoice, that it just created, my posted purchase invoice.

Let’s search for the vendor number.

I can see, what the invoice looks like in the posted invoice list.