Receiving Purchase Orders with Item Tracking that requires Expiration Date registration

Receiving Purchase Orders
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to receive purchase orders with item tracking that requires expiration date registration in Business Central?

If I receive a purchase order in Business Central, there is a Line which requires Expiration Date handling; I’ll need to enter that directly on the Item Tracking Line.

This is what happens in the video

First of all, let us find an existing item that we know I handled by Expiration Date.

I have my Snack Bar, I have 11,500 here on the inventory, and I can see it has two lines with different Expiration Dates and Different Lot Numbers.

And I’ll try to find my Purchase Order that we are waiting for.

And I believe it’s the last Purchase Order we’re looking for.

And this Purchase Order contains a Snack Bar, a Quantity, and it’s a Pallet, which means it’s more than one; we can see that in the Item Tracking.

But first of all, let me just try to post it here to see the error that I receive.

It will say that I need to assign a Lot Number because it’s set up with Item Tracking Code, requiring a Lot Number and Expiration Code.

So, let’s make another failure by entering my Lot Number, and quantity – and I can see my quantities up here.

So, I will enter the correct quantity here.

But I’m not entering Expiration Date just for the test of it.

So, I will close my Item Tracking window, try to post it again and expect to receive another error, saying that Expiration Date must have a value, which I expected.

So let’s go back into the Item Tracking Line, saying that the Expiration Date is somewhere in September 2020…

And now, I believe that I am allowed to post it…

Here we are.

Everything is posted.

And if I go back in my Item Ledger Entries, my inventory is now increased and I can see here the Last Item Ledger Entry that required Expiration Date that I’ve handled manually, reading it from the Item that I was receiving.