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Purchase Order with Purchase Order Management
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Presenter: Jesper Nielsen, Head of Onboarding

If you have been working backwards and forwards with your purchase order together with your vendor, it is possible to see the archived handing lines. So on each of the line in the purchase order which you have handled, you have a set of archived handing lines.

In this case, I can see that three of my lines, I have one archived handing line and on the last line I have three lines. That means that my line number 40,000, I have done some more forward and backward talking to my vendor. And if I go down and look at the handing lines down here, I can see actually that there has been some request backwards and forward on the quantity. I have requested 12, vendor has confirmed 11. Actually, I accepted 11 and then I requested 10. After accepting 10, I thought, hey, maybe I should order 8 instead. So on this line, I ordered 8, new requested quantity. And actually I can see that the vendor has rejected that request. The rest was accepted. So the whole story is, I request 12, he confirms 11. I said, no, please give me 10. He says, okay, 10 is okay. And then I said, no, please give me 8. And he said, no, I reject the 8. So now on the line, the requested quantity are 10.