Send same Purchase Quote to many Vendors from Journal

Requisition Journal with Purchase Order Management
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Presenter: Jesper Nielsen, Head of Onboarding

When working with the requisition worksheet or the planning worksheet, it is possible to send the same request on the same object to many vendors easily.

For example, if I want to send a request for this bell, I will hit the accept activated button, and I will go to my process, handle the journal, and send mail. In this case, I get asked, do you want to create orders, quotes, or nothing? I want to create quotes. And should the line be deleted after handling? No. So this gives me an email for my vendor, and I can send it. I will delete this one. And I still have a checkmark in the accept message. So all I have to do now is I can change the vendor number.

In this case, the vendor has no item number for the bell. And I can do it all over again. And just one last time. That was wrong. And just one last time. New vendor. And this time I will delete it after handling. And the line is gone. So I go to my purchase management journal. I can see I now have three lines on the same item. It will be down here. Three new quotes. On the same item from different vendors. In this case, I will just wait for some quantity or some prices from my vendors. And I can choose which one of the offers that are the best.