Basic Item fields relevant for the Warehouse

Item Card fields for Warehouse
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Which basic items fields in Business Central are relevant for the warehouse department?

On the item card in Business Central, we have quite many fields related to the warehouse people.

This is what happens in the video

So, therefore we have divided the explanation of those into more than one video.

In this video I will just show you the basic fields, that are used for the warehouse.

And first of all on the item tab, we have the global trade item number or GTIN number, what is the global identifier for this item number, and which has specific structure defined by an international setup that you enter in here.

And if you have the item in different unit of measure, you should also define in the cross-reference table the GTIN number as a bar code for the different base unit of measures etc.

Then on the inventory tab, we have the field shelf number.

This is normally only used, if you don’t use BIN codes in the warehouse.

So, it’s a fixed shelf number you could just enter it here, as a normal text field.

On the right-hand side on the inventory tab, you can enter NET weight, gross weight and unit volume for the item, which also are fields, relevant for the warehouse normally.

And on the replenishment tab, if the item is an assembly item, we used to say that the assembly policy and the assembly Bom is also relevant for the warehouse, because normally assembly items would be used, without production people, meaning the warehouse people will pick directly into the box or the shipping box, and therefore you can define if it’s assembly to stock or assembly Bom and you can drill in and see the items in the assembly Bom.

And last of all, in the item tracking tab, you define item tracking code if the item has to have item tracing, if it’s a lot number based item or serial number based item, and you can define number series for lot numbers and serial numbers and expiration date calculation formulas, If the item is handled by expiration date.

So, these are the basic fields for an inventory person.