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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to set up item purchase prices in Business Central?

Item purchase prices in Business Central can be set up either on the items, or from the vendors.

This is what happens in the video

So first of all, let’s look on the items and we take an example from our spokes here.

If I go into my spokes and navigate to special purchase prices.

I can set special prices on this item for different vendors.

So in here, I have setup that buying from vendor number 30,000.

This item with no currency code.

In unit of measure code carton, will cost 45 krones for a carton, and likewise in pieces.

1.8 krone, and I’ve setup that from my other vendor here, 8000, buying in euro at least 100,000, the unit cost would be 0.

112 euro with a starting date back in ’17, and I can see there’s an upcoming starting date with another price starting from 1st of June with the same quantities.

So it’s possible to set up many lines deferring on vendor number, item number, currency code, pieces, minimum quantity and starting dates.

So it’s many different parameters to distinguish between, I can leave all the history here, because the system will find the best price when creating purchase orders.

So this is purchased prices seen from the item perspective.

Now, let’s go to vendor number 88,000 and look at the purchase price is from there.

I will find my vendor list.

Finding the vendor down here.

And again if I navigate into my purchases and here it’s just called prices.

I can see here that I’ve set up my item number 1120 and I can see the 2 lines here in the middle, reflecting what was on the item site.

So it’s the same data, I’m viewing and of course, if I’m changing it here It will also be changed from my item perspective.

But here, I can also see instead of the other vendor, other items on the same vendor, so, it’s the same data from different perspectives, viewing from a vendor or from the item.

This is how I setup specific prices on items, I can also set up discounts, and I’ll show that in another video.