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Presenter: Christina Fausbøll, Product Manager

How to use cross references and bar codes in Business Central?

Cross-reference are used, when we want to store the vendor or customer number on the item.

This is what happens in the video

Cross-reference are also used to store barcodes in the system, this is setup on the item card under navigate, item and cross-references.

First, we define the cross-reference type, here we can choose between vendor, customer or barcode.

If you choose vendor or customer, in the cross-reference type number, we select the vendor number or customer number.

In the cross-reference number, we insert the number that the vendor or customer has.

We can also define this based on variant type or unit of the measure.

In description, we have the possibility to write a text, if this text is filled out it will automatically be transferred to the documents if we enter this item for this vendor.

If we leave it blank, the item description from the item card, will be transferred to the document line.

If I want to add a new cross-reference ,such as a barcode, I choose it on a new line.

On a bar code I add the actual bar code in numbers in the cross-reference number.

I can also base this on variant or unit of measure.

This makes it possible to add the barcode for each of our units of measure codes.

Now we can still use the bar code, as a secondary identification, but we cannot use it as a cross-reference.

We can add as many cross-reference types, as we want to on each item.