How create an Item Template

Configuring Items in general
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An intermediate video requires some previous experience with Business Central, but it is still easily accessible to most people. Intermediate A "configuration"-video is about how you configure your solution and get it ready for use. Typically, these videos are quite advanced. Configurations

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I want to create an item template.

This is what happens in the video

I start by searching for item template.

I push new.

I fill in code which refer to the name of the template, it could be bike customers.

Also I fill in description.

The next thing is base unit of measure, which refer to if this is a bag or box or piece.

In this case, we choose piece.

Under custom posting, we need to fill in posting group.

Here we choose, for example, item.

And also we need VAT posting group, and here we choose VAT 25%.