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Watch the "basic" videos to take the tour of the main processes of Business Central. This is the basic, need-to-use functionality. The Basics This video includes functionality from the app "Global Master Data Sync" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Global Master Data Sync

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Presenter: Dennis Schumacher, Sr. Business Central Cons.

In global Master Data Sync, we have our partners which is also our subscribers.

In this video, we will go through the actions which are on the partner card.

Go for partners and open up the subscriber that we would like to look at.

The action is placed in the top of the partner card.

And first, we have transfer record data, which will send record data to our subscriber and only the templates which have been assigned to the partner.

Assign data templates will give you a view of data templates that can be assigned to the partner and you could then assign one or more templates.

Subscriber data templates will give you a list of the data templates that have been assigned to your partner.

View blob stores files will then give you an overview of the blob storage files that are in the blob storage and haven’t been downloaded yet.

We have more options.

We have the actions, where you can choose to have the test blob storage connection.

First of all, you will then have the opportunity to upload test files on blob storage.

To download a test file from blob storage.

And last but not least, you will then delete the test file from the blob storage.