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Presenter: Dennis Schumacher, Sr. Business Central Cons.

In global master data sync, I have a template where I have put a filter on and I would like to have the opportunity to if a record is not including in the filter then global master data try to delete that sort of record in the subscriber company.

To do this, I will go for templates, we’ll find the item template for this example.

As you can see, I have a filter on it, and I filter by the types of the inventory and the inventory posting group should be finished.

I then have a template under development and I will uncheck where it says delete source record outside record set.

Put it back to released, that’s it for the template. Now, I actually have created an item which I’ve already have sent to my subscribers.

But there haven’t been any transaction.

The super light front wheel, by mistake I’ve put it into the inventory posting group as finished, but it should actually have been a resale item.

Change it.

And if we in the master will go for record actions, we will now see that the item 1002 will then be sent a Delete message to our subscribers.

We also have the option to personalize page and put in these two fields.

It was to see that we actually now would like to send an obsolete for three partners in this case, or missing to send three partners.

I’ll send the file to my subscriber, like that.

I will change it to my subscriber company.

Now in the subscriber company, and we will then see that the item we have are in here because we haven’t been doing the synchronize.

We’re gonna see that there is one record action not executed and some where it says obsolete.

This will be the default dimension and the item unit of measure.

We have the record action which we delete of the item.

Try to do the Synchronize.

Go for actions and global master record actions.

We now see that the lead of item have been executed without any error texts.

As we go for the items, we’ll now see that item 1002 has been deleted.

If they only synchroniing in the subscribe company, in the record action, there’ll be an error message telling what the cause of the error is.