Adding several check marks will slow the export job significantly

Export Forecast to Excel
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

You should be aware that if you select too many parameters when exporting to Excel, it will slower the performance significantly and actually it’s only about the amount of record you’re creating. Let’s take an example here. I select split per location, but I filter on location code basic.

This is what happens in the video

I split lines per salesperson and I do have four salespersons. I split line per customer, but I place a filter on customers and then, I’m only looking at two items. So this is a rather simple export and it takes like 5 seconds.

And when I open the Excel sheet, even though it’s only two items, I can see here that it creates, in this scenario, for nine customers and I do have four salespersons.

It creates 75 lines of forecast lines. So that’s rather easy. Let’s take another example.

In this scenario, I have exported from the same database on one location, on four customers, on two items, four salesperson and two items but I didn’t place a filter on customers so now I have a little more customers and I also exported per dimension and I do have 15 different dimensions.

So instead of 75 lines, it now creates 3480 lines and I could calculate that very easily.

Now, this is a simple example if I have exported 2000 items, for instance, on 15 locations because I have people driving around in cars setting up as location. And I have 20 salespersons and 200 customers and ten dimensions, it’s 1.2 billion records that you export to Excel that’s going to last like two weeks.

So it’s very quickly getting slowly when you export, so be aware of the amount of lines you’re splitting into each time you add a split on a parameter, you multiply the record you’re creating.