Flexible Forecast enrich the standard Business Central Demand Forecast with a lot of flexibility and features

Introduction to Flexible Forecast
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An intermediate video requires some previous experience with Business Central, but it is still easily accessible to most people. Intermediate In the "overview"-videos we draw the big picture to provide you with an understanding of how the solution is structured. Overview This video includes functionality from the app "Flexible Forecast" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Flexible Forecast

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With the flexible forecast, we have extended the normal demand forecast functionality, which means if we go into, for instance, the forecast per period which is one of the views in the flexible forecast that you can see here and this is just viewing periods per item, but if you go into the forecast entry, the default demand forecasting entry will contain the forecast name, item number, quantities, etc, but we have added columns like salesperson, customer, country, variant code, global dimension 1, and global dimension 2.

This is what happens in the video

And this means it’s possible to forecast for all of those parameters. So you can export to an Excel sheet with a filter on salesperson, or you can make different salespersons do different forecasts and likewise, you could forecast per customers, countries, or dimension.

So it’s easy to do different forecasts and consolidate those into the specific forecast, but with this information enriched on the forecast entries. So this is one of the more advanced features in the flexible forecast.

We also had a lot of planning functionality in here and you can directly create sales orders and purchase and transfer orders from in here with different columns. So it has lots of different enriched functionality.