Posting invoices on sales orders in the Supply company

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Presenter: Cecilie Merwald Bertelsen

Okay, so when my sales order has been shipped in my Supply Company, it is ready to get invoiced. I am here on a sales order in my supply company, and as I can see on the lines, it has been completely shipped.

This is what happens in the video

So I go to process, create combined invoice, and it has now created a combined invoice for my shipments. I click OK here. And it asks me if I want to see the invoice, and yes, I would like to see that because I’d like to post that as well.

I have it here, and then I just click on here. So I have my invoice here, and it is ready to get posted. And now do I want to see the posted? No, I don’t want to.

So now I have posted the sales invoice for my sales company, and in my sales company, there has now been created a purchase invoice.