Tracking the Supply company shipping delivery status on the sales order line in the Sales company

Features for the Sales Person in the Sales Company
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Presenter: Cecilie Merwald Bertelsen

When my sales order has been created, and the supply company starts shipping the order, it’s nice to see on the sales order in the sales company that the older has actually been shipped.

This is what happens in the video

So let’s take a look at this order here. I’m in my sales company, and I’m looking at a sales order that has not been shipped yet.

I’ll go to the supply company and ship the order and see how it’s updated automatically here on the sales order in the supply company.

I’ll go to the supply company. I have the order here. Nothing has been shipped yet, then I’ll just post the shipment. The order has now been shipped.

I’ll go back to the sales company and look at my sales order there. Click back here. Just update the page, and now you can see the quantity has been shipped.