Importing data on basic tables and Master Data Information in the same import

The Master Data Import Worksheet
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With Master Data Import Worksheet, it is possible to import data to the basic table and the underlying Master Data Information table at the same time.

Transcription of video

So in this example, I could import items with fields on the item table and underlying fields like this to the Master Data Information tables, it could also be on customers, vendors, et cetera where I would like to import on different templates, from different scenarios.

So in this scenario, I would like to import some of the information that doesn’t exist directly on the item table.

To do this, I can import the sheet that I just showed you on one of my templates that I’ve created for this.

I select my file, select the worksheet, and import and if I look at the template that I have setup for this, my import template card, that I will explain in another video, it’s possible to see here all the different fields where some of the fields related to the configuration values which is a Master Data Information, and some of the fields relate to the basic template.

And this basic template for this import is the item, therefore I can only select item and Master Data Information.

Likewise, if I have Master Data on customers and vendors, I could have specification text and files, it’s possible to import directly on the import worksheet.