Filtering data using the merged description fields

Filtering data with Master Data Information
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If I want to search on Master Data based on specification, I could search with the marking functionality showed in another video, but I could maybe make a more simple search based on the merged field which could be the description fields if I have set that up in my Master Data information set-up, the description 2, or even the long description.

Transcription of video

So if I have the long description which is a non-editable field merged by the Master Data information I could use this for filtering purposes.

So, for instance here, I could place a field on my long description saying I want it to be a 29 inch or, in this case just 29, because I know that will only be the wheel diameter 29. I could add this filter and, like with standard, this is the central functionality I can extend this field of functionality.

So I could say either this or it needs to be a Nexus seven gear bike, and this will expand my list I expect a little, I could even say it has be “&” a Nexus seven gear bike and I could continue building filtering like this. It has to be a city bike, for instance, so now I’m down to city bike, seven gear, and 29 millimeter tires.

So this way I could use my long description field to filter. I could also use this functionality on description two if I have set description two up to be a merged field. Like this, and that’s set up if I’m merging data into that so I could say I’d like to see all my bikes and this will filter on my description 2 field.

As for now, this functionality only applies to items, but we are considering building it into customers and vendors as well and if you prefer this functionality please give us a heads-up for that.