Changing text on Header, Footer and Lines of documents

Master Data on Documents
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to change text in headers, footers and lines on documents with master data information?

With Master Data Information, it’s possible to insert default Master Data text and documents when creating new documents. But it’s also possible to change this.

Transcription of video

So, let’s take an example from a sales order. I have a sales order here for Discount bike in Paris, which is already created and has set some default values on header and lines. So, if I want to change that after creating the sales order, I can go into my header for instance, and everything I see here is the default added value with the language code coming from the customer.

So, here it says on the header some text, on the footer some text. And it also default sets up whether this should be printed on the posted document, et cetera, et cetera. Sorry, an open document and transfer to posted document.

So, let’s say I would like to add on the header an information that I need an order confirmation. So, I’ll say here, “Please confirm this order.” To tell the customer I’d like them to get back on this order as quick as possible maybe.

So, I’ve just like to add this on the order header and it’s done now just by free text.

I could also have done this on the line and I’ll show you an example to do it a little more complex than just entering free text, it could be a mixture. So for instance, I could say here that it’s for males higher than 170 cm. so I can correct the suggested text but I can also suggest new text. So for instance, if this one is a plastic bike for some reason, I could add here my information code for material.

I’ve done it here and I know they have some optional values here. Maybe it’s a plastic bike or whatever. And it defaults in the description based on the created description added in the information code. So, this way I can also fill in description, and this description is also following the language code on the customer that was transferred to the sales order.

So, with this functionality, I can manipulate the information on the sales order header and each sales order line depending on what I like the customer to see.

And I can also here add information on both the header and lines with checkmarks in the Don’t Print on The Open Documents, meaning that it’s not going to be printed on the document if I used Dynamic Reports and I can also determine what to do when posting the documents. Maybe it’s only for internal use of these information.