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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The flow find item is a flow meant for finding a specific item in a warehouse, meaning you’re looking for an item that you’re supposed to find, you can just run the flow, you state the item number in here.

Let’s say it’s item number 1000. And it’s simply displays the bin content table with filter on that item.

So I can see this item is on bin code 12.03 with a quantity of 120 pieces.

And on bin code 120 with a quantity of 45.

So this tile is simply meant to find the item in the warehouse.

And of course, when you find the item, you can also use item references etc.

So for instance, if I’m entering item number 5000, I can see here item number 5000 where it is on the inventory, but I could also have used the item reference on that item on the GTN code and we’ll still find item number 5000.

So it’s possible with different identifiers quickly to see where to find the item.