Flow: Inventory Pick for Production Orders

Locations requiring Inventory Put-Away or Picks
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

With the flow inventory pick for production order, you are of course picking two inventory picks created with a source type production order.

So let’s do that first. We have here a production order, it’s a released production order.

From the actions, you can create an inventory pick if the location uses inventory picks only.

Like this, now we have created an inventory pick activity. This means if we go back in the warehouse being a warehouse user that should pick for this functionality.

And typically, you would have people in the warehouse that picks for production or picks for transfers, etc.

So we don’t mix up things and that’s why we’re splitting inventory picks and transfers and production.

You could still just select from the full inventory pick list, select everything also the production consumption.

But normally the guy picking for production would take the inventory pick production and follow the use the production order number to find it because the production order number is what he’s been told to pick for.

So selecting this order number, it will find the pick activity, the inventory pick for this production order, and you’re looping the production order lines in here.

Let’s just take one of them, the lamp on this bin code, quantity five, confirm the bin code, enter the quantity.

Next item, go to the item and the bin code, check the bin code, confirm the item number, confirm the bin code, confirm quantity.

Maybe we’re going to take three of this one and now we go to lunch or we’ll just post it or whatever.

So we could stop it, we could post it, and it actually post consumption for that production order meaning when we look at the production order at the entries, item ledger entries, we can see now the two items that we have picked for the production order.