What is a Location with no Warehouse setup?

Use directly on Sales and Purchase Orders
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

A location with no warehouse set up at all would be a location that we call very simple location or basic location.

Meaning if you look at the location list, and we have here a location that we call basic, it has no checkmark in the warehouse documents, bins, or anything meaning this is just a very standard location and none warehouse location in Business Central.

But you might want to use the warehouse mobile on that location anyway, because you can, as a user, you can change to that location.

And that doesn’t contain bin or anything but you still might want to have the functionality to receive directly on purchase orders, ship from sales orders, show item pictures, etc.

So this could still make a flow based experience if you’re just a very simple company, putting items, receiving items, or selling items.