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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The flow move all bin content is of course meant to take a full quantity and move from one bin to another, but be aware if something exists on the bin we’re moving to, it will just be added, of course.

So let’s take a short example. I do know that on bin 12.04, I have one item on bin 12.03, I have other items so now I want to move those items in one go to the other bin.

And you can also use this of course with moving everything on a pallet, on a bin to a truck which has a bin code moving from that truck to another bin, etc.

So just select move all bin, adding the from bin code, adding the to bin code, and you’re done.

And you can do the same exercise if you’re moving around stuff.

So if we look now at bin code 12.04, everything is moved over there.

And the idea is of course it should be very easy when you work with pallets especially to take a full bin and move it to a truck, drive it around, take it from the truck and put it on another shelf, and thereby, you always know where everything is.