The difference between GTIN code, Item Reference and GS1-128 barcode in Warehouse Mobile

Bar codes in Warehouse
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Let’s look at the difference between some of the barcode identifiers in Business Central.

And I will use my item number 5000 in here, like this.

When I’m scanning for the item number, I can use the normal item number, when I scan this one, if it’s a barcode, it will have a barcode identifier.

If I’m just entering the number like this, it wouldn’t have a barcode identifier, of course.

The Global Trade Item number is an item number that is in the Global Trade Item number system or European article numbers as it says here and it needs to be a 14 digit number.

So it’s a globalized standard for item numbering.

In the item table, you could also use the item references.

And in this system, you could enter whatever on the reference number so you can have a short number or long number whatever you want to.

But this also is also grabbed by the warehouse mobile as a number you can use.

And the GS1 number is what we call a combined barcode. And that will have a prefix that you don’t enter in Business Central, of course, but it could be a combination of either of those item numbers in here.

Sorry, not either of them, but the GTIN number or the item reference number which has to be 14 digits, meaning, if you use the GS1 barcode, the item number will have to be exactly 14 characters.

So you can only use GTIN number or an item reference number, which is 14 characters exactly.

And of course, if the item number itself is exactly 14 characters with digits, you could also use that in the GS1 barcoding.

So this is how we work with different types of barcodes.