How to create an Assembly Bill-of-Material (BOM)

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So now I want to create an assembly BOM.

This is what happens in the video

First I search in items.

Now I choose an item without an assembly BOM.

It could be the city bike.

I go to replenishment.

Under manufacturing policy, I decide if I want to have assembly to order or assembly to stock.

I choose assembly to order.

Under assembly BOM, I click to order a new assembly BOM.

I click new, I fill in type. I choose item.

What items I need to create my assembly BOM.

It could be a front wheel, quantity per: one.

And unit of measure code, and here we choose pieces.

You choose item again.

It could be a spoke, all we need one.

And you want it in pieces.

Finally, choose the last one.

It could be a front hub, and we choose one.