What to do with Sales Orders Backlogs?

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to handle sales order backlogs in Business Central?

If you’re working with sales orders in Business Central, and it’s occurs, once in a while that you have a backlog on a sales order, meaning you didn’t ship all the expected quantity, then you need to have a strategy on what to do with the backlog.

This is what happens in the video

This scenario, that we’re seeing here, is a scenario I have very often seen with our customers, we have a sales order, I can see on the document date, that it seems very old.

And if I go into the sales order, I can see that we have five lines in here with different quantities and whatever.

And if I scroll right, I can see on the shipped quantity or quantity shipped and the quantity to ship, then there’s a remaining quantity of eight on one of the sales lines.

Why is it here? Why is it so old? Why didn’t we ship it? It’s back two years ago, as from now.

And if I ask the customers, why is it here? Nobody knows.

And the customer has forgotten everything.

So you need to have a strategy, on what to do with backlogs, maybe it’s actually supposed to be shipped? And then you need to explain that.

So there’s different strategies of finding all the lines with backlogs and handling the lines with backlogs, maybe deleting the order documents in here and you have to figure out how do we do that, who’s doing it, is it the inventory, the sales people, do we need to reopen it or handling? and you have to figure out how to work with that, because otherwise this sales order line will create a demand into the MRP planning and the MRP will have a demand two years ago and therefore the planner doesn’t understand, what is happening on this item even though they’re trying to clean up everything.

So you need to define a process out of Business Central, between the sales people and the inventory people on the planner people, on what to do with sales order backlogs