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Creating Sales Order
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How are dates related on a sales order in Business Central?

On the sales order, dates are related both to the whole document and to the document lines.

This is what happens in the video

In general if we expand the field we now get a list of dates fields, the document date defines when the document was created in posting date we define when the posting of the document will be recorded.

Order date specifies, when the order was created, due date specified, when the related sales invoice are to be paid.

Requested delivery date is the date that the customer has requested for the delivery, and promised delivery date is the date where we have promised that we can deliver the order.

Dates about shipping is found in the shipping section, a shipment date is usually calculated based upon requested delivery date, plus lead time.

Dates defined on the document are automatically transferred to the document lines, but these can be changed if you want to.

You can also add more dates by right-clicking on the header and press choose columns.

Here we can find other date fields.

Please be aware that some of these date fields are dependent on the license that you have, I can now change my shipment date to be earlier, later and the dates for this document line will be changed, this has not changed anything on my overall document.

The other way around if I change the shipment date, I will be asked if I want to update all of the lines and in this case I would like that, so now the shipment date and all of my lines, has been updated.