Creating Sales Return Orders

Returning & Crediting Sales Orders
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Presenter: Christina Fausbøll, Product Manager

How to create sales return orders in Business Central?

When customers are returning goods, that we need to retrieve on our warehouse, we can make a sales return order.

This is what happens in the video

Depending on the role center, it can either be as here on the front page or under sales and sales return orders, or we can search for it in the search menu.

We make a new by pressing new.

We add the customer number, we fill in the type and the item that they are returning.

We can fill out a return reason code for, why the customer has returned the item.

How to set these up are shown in another video.

And we add how many they are returning.

When all fields are filled out as desired, you can post the document, we do this in posting and post.

When the warehouse received the items, we can simply receive.

This will turn into a posted return receipt.

When we have received, we can invoice but you can also receive an invoice at the same time.

When we invoice a sales return order, a posted sales credit memo would be created by the system.