How to merge two Customers

Configuring Customers
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Presenter: Christina Fausbøll, Product Manager

How to merge customers and eliminate duplicate debtors in Business Central?

When looking at my customers, I notice that I have two customers that look very much the same.

This is what happens in the video

I have The Bike Master Atlanta up here, but also a new customer named Bike Master Atlanta.

I assume that this is because we now have a duplicate of my two customers, but I can merge these two into one.

I go into the customer card of the customer that I know contains most of the fields that I would like to keep.

And I go into Actions, Functions, and Merge With.

I now choose the customer that I would like to merge with.

This gives me a comparison between the current customer and the ‘merge with’ customer.

I can now scroll through the information on the customer card and say, for instance, I know that the new customer was made because the person who called me – so the contact person – changed.

So, a new customer card has probably been made instead of changing the contact on their original customer number.

I therefore say And I can scroll through all fields that are either different or have been added.

When I have looked through all the fields, I can say ‘Merge’.

This will result in the two customers being merged, and the duplicate record will be deleted, and the related records reassigned to the current record[A6].

Please be aware, when you do this, it cannot be undone.

And now, the duplicate customer number has disappeared, and my contact name of Susan has been updated on the original customer card.