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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to set up dimensions in Business Central?

I select the dimension project and from the dimension tab, I go into dimension values, and these are the values for these dimensions.

This is what happens in the video

In this video, I will show how dimensions basically work in Business Central, and I’m going to show this with an example adding a new dimension value, and adding it to a customer, do some posting and see the effect in the chart of accounts.

First, I’d like to add a dimension value to one of my dimensions, and I’ll go to my search tab, looking for dimensions.

I can see that I have already defined two dimensions, department and project, and I’ll show later how to set them up.

I can define as many as I want to, but only two can be globals.

I would like to add a new one, 49, I call it miscellaneous, because this is going to be used for customers or vendors.

That is one of the other dimensions, I’d like to use here.

So, now I created a new dimension value.

I will find my customer list, and on my customer Rush and Speed, there is no dimension setup.

From the customer card, I navigate to set up this dimension.

Here, I can define default dimensions for this customer.

On the project dimension, I add number 49 as a default dimension.

So, now the customer has this default dimension transferred to all types of documents for this customer, and it’s possible to change on a specific document.

After setting it up, I’ll create a new sales order for this customer, just to make some postings that will apply into the chart of accounts.

I add my customer, and the default dimension on the sales order header.

I can add the item number and quantities and if I want to view the default dimensions which I can edit, I go into Navigate, Orders, and see the dimensions that are transferred from the customer to the sales order, but I will not change it, I will just post this sales order.

And I’ll both ship and invoice to make a financial impact as well, I don’t open the posted document.

Now, if I go to the chart of accounts, I can see the net change, and I add a detail filter on my chart.

I’ll add filter by totals by project filter, and the filter value was 49.

So, now I can see the amount directly in the chart of accounts, that was created for this sales order, coming from that dimension value.

So, I can navigate into all the entries with that dimension.

Likewise, I could have overviewed all my other dimensions and get the numbers from those dimensions.

So, it’s a reporting tool.

Two dimensions can be global and set up directly in the chart of accounts, and I can see those dimensions in my general ledger setup.

I have a fast tab showing the two dimensions, and if I want to edit which are the globals, it is not something you just do, it’s a big exercise, I go to functions and change global dimensions where I can select new dimensions to be the new globals, otherwise, they would be shortcut dimensions and you can evaluate by dimension analysis.