How to Reconcile the Vendor Entries

Closing Month, Reconciliation
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

How to reconcile vendor entries in Business Central?

Since it’s possible to manually post, in Business Central, in many different ways, you might want to reconcile your vendor ledger entries, to make sure that they’re corresponding to your chart of accounts.

This is what happens in the video

And you can do that with a report, so if you look into your chart of accounts and you’re find your vendor total account, it’s 1 million, point whatever, in the balance and you also could set a filter on the date, if you want to see it at a specific date, it’s possible to filter the end of last month f.

eg, there’s a report here, called reconcile customer and vendor accounts and the date field here should apply to the date filter you’re using, in the chart of accounts, when viewing this.

In this report it will reconcile in many different accounts, for instance, here in your vendor total, so you can see per vendor posting group, the quantities.

And this is made if you are using different vendor totals, in the chart of account, you could reconcile those one to one.

And you can see, if there’s a difference that you need to handle in your system.