Assigning a new copied Flow to the Shop Floor Flows

Configuration of Shop Floor Flows
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

I have made a copy of my flow consume quantity because I want to modify it, I want to call it something else, I would like it to have another caption in here.

But I’m not yet seeing the flow in my mobile flow overview because it’s not yet set up correctly, it’s not certified.

So if I’m entering my mobile flows in here, I’ll have to do two things.

First one will be to find the flow that that just made, consume new quantity, and I may change the caption for consumed new quantity.

I have to make sure– now I was actually copying it so it took everything, but I have to check that in the groups, it’s assigned to production and material, because this is the setup that will define it for my flow overview.

And I just need to certify it like this, meaning next time I open my production overview in here, I will have two flows open, consume quantity and consume new quantity.

So the last thing I need to do will be to find my consumed quantity flow, the old one, entering my groups and marking it with deactivated.

The reason we have made it like this it’s to make it possible for you to update the standard flow from our back end.

So you will not change our standard flow and then we will write everything, so now this is deactivated, meaning if I’m entering my shop floor now like this, I only see my new quantity flow.