Flow: Register Operations Output

Functionality: Material Consumption
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When I am registering operations output, I’m not outputting any finished quantity, meaning I’m not putting finished items on stock, I’m only registering for a specific operation.

I will select a production order number, then I will have to select which operation number we are talking about.

This could be my first operation number 10. It suggests that I should output 10, because that’s what I’m going to produce.

Maybe I only did six for the time being.

And I could set the routing status filter to yes if I’m done or leave it to know if I’m not done.

And register and this will now create a capacity ledger entry which updates my production order.

Maybe I’ll just do the remaining four, just to show you, so I will just continue selecting a production order number, selecting the same routing number, outputting the last four, changing the routing states to yes, meaning I’m now logging the routing in here, registering it.

And it means that my production order is now updated with the correct routing status.

And if I look into my capacity ledger entry, it would have made of course capacity ledger entries for the two registrations that I just did, which is the last two ones in here.