The Shop Floor Overview Setup is stored with the user id

Overview: Shop Floor Overview
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The view of lines that you’re seeing is defined by the General tab setup, and that’s defined per user ID meaning Business Central and user ID.

So you can have different views and different work centers.

If you want to see other user selection, you can go from actions to the capacity load setup.

And in here, you will see all the different users relating to all the different screens you’re working on properly in the production area.

And you can see whatever everybody else is filtering on. To make sense, if you’re setting this up, maybe the user in the production area is not maintaining this by himself, but there will be a responsible for all the production, maintaining those parameters to make sure that everybody out there see whatever they need to see.

So it’s not necessarily the single user that maintain those parameters, it could be set up by fewer people overviewing all of this.