Flexible filtering to view which operations is next each Work Center

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The shopfloor overview is very flexible, related to the filtering I can place in the header.

So for instance, here I’m looking at all the operation on work center filter 100 and the underlying machine centers.

But I could also filter on, for instance, the first operation only, if I want to see that.

So this is the starting operation, I could watch the finishing operation if I’m the guy who will finish material and output it.

Or I could even look at the next operation if I’m the responsible for the production and I want to see what is next to do in here.

And it has to calculate the next operation and then it provides an overview of which is the next operation, in this scenario, for work center number 100.

I could have done that as well for the other work centers, of course, what is the next operation.

So there’s a lot of different filtering functionalities to see what is next for me, for the people I work with here for my work center, my machine center, etc.