Hiding the different views to support different user stories

Overview: Shop Floor Overview
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

One of the main ideas of providing overviews for people is to get rid of all the stuff that we don’t need to know.

So therefore, with the shop floor overview, it’s possible to set all kinds of filtering functionality and then collapse the general tab.

It’s possible to hide the order lines, for instance, and the capacity lines, only to view the operation lines that reflects whatever you said in the general tab.

So the point is, depending on your persona type in the manufacturing or the planning area, you can work with this flow.

And it remembers your setup so when you leave this overview, and you get back to it later on, of course, it would have remembered your setup and as a user in the production area, you will always see the same view and you will only need to expand the general tab to change your filtering and being able to update your operations.

So by hiding or showing whatever is important for you, you can provide an overview for each personas working on different screens in the planning area or the production area.