The concept of My Time Collectors

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The concept of my time collectors is the ability to start and stop time measuring.

And then to post it afterwards, when you have gathered up a lot of information.

So if you open the action my time collectors, you can see all the time collectors that you’ve been working on, which is still showed in here, if you want to see all of them, you could delete the one that I stopped if you want to.

And you can see the one that are running, it could be more than one depending on the setup.

So right here, I can see I’m running on this production order operation number 15.

And there’s also a column I could show where I could see if it’s set up time or run time or whatever.

And when I refresh the page by clicking F5, it updates the pending time that it’s been running, so there, you’re just calculating because it has a start time beneath this line.

And when I stop it, of course, it will stop the line.

You could start it from in here directly so I could select one of the other lines and from the action start and stop this specific operation line.

So it’s possible to start and stop directly in my time collectors, normally you wouldn’t do that, this will be an overview tool or processing tool.

But the time collectors here is like an entry tool where you have entries for all start and stop operation and it gathers up information that you later on can collect and then post to export the time, meaning the actual time registrations.

So when I’m pressing F5 again now, I’ve been working three minutes on this operation.

So my time collectors is gathering information both from the shop floor but also all other time stamping on job journals, time and attendance, etc.

You can use this as a base tool for collecting start and stop information and the time between those.

From the action, you can actually create an entry manually from in here that you will also create from the menu.

You can start and stop it in here and in a later video, I’ll show you how to process the collected time when you want to actually post everything in here.