Flow: Time and Output My Operations

Functionality: My Operations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

From the shop floor production menu, I have an action called time and output my operations, which of course is meant for entering time and output quantity on the operation that I’m working for, meaning the operation I’m allocated to in my operations.

So this is a list of operation that I’m supposed to do.

Be aware this doesn’t do detailed start and stop entries, like for instance, the start and stop that my time collectors does.

So normally, you wouldn’t use the first one here if you’re using start and stop.

But if you don’t use start and stop, this is a simple way of the double operation.

So when I click time and output my operation, I can very easily select between my operations, select one of them and then enter the runtime directly.

So maybe this is 25 minutes of run time on that operation.

I could state the output quantity, maybe I only finished to like this.

And I could set the routing status to finished by saying yes, or leave it to be not finished by remaining the No.

And then it registers the data that I’m just entering and then it loops so I can continue by entering another operation.

But this was what I’ve made and time registration on that operation.

So if we want to check it on the released production orders in here and it was the number down here, and I’m looking at my capacity ledger entry, I would expect somewhere to have a capacity ledger entry of 25 minutes on operation number 10.