It is possible to setup all kind of mixed bar codes for fast scanning

Functionality: Using bar codes and combined bar codes
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

In the mobile flow engine, everything is made with setup.

And it’s possible for me to actually define barcodes that I’m sitting together of different parameters.

So I can scan one barcode entering many parameters in one go, this is behind the scene, how we would help you if we should help you on the setup on mobile flow, which is very complex when you look beneath it.

And we’ve made a registration example here just to show you how you could mix the bar code.

It’s possible in here to run the flow, and it’s possible to design the flow.

So when you look at a flow like this, this is the setup it’s made up on different actions that has a sub-page that does things.

And if you scroll right, you can see the setup in here is made from a data processing code that we could manipulate or you can make your own.

So this is how mobile flow works. If you look at the we named it the Carton level, this is just the name, but the idea is to return the barcode, label number, and unit of measure.

So this is an start identifier, which is a hashtag, that it has some identifiers, what is the hashtag parameter, and then from character, whatever up to 20 character, you can enter production order number, etc.

And you separate it with the standard business central separator here.

So in this way, you can set up many different bundled labels or bundled barcodes that you’d like to scan.

So the functionality of this will be if I’m on the flow, it’s actually possible to run mobile flow directly from this overview. So you could run the flow in here.

And if I’m not using the bar code that I just designed, so I will enter manually those information, I’ll just leave it blank, press yes, and then select production order number.

And then I’ll select the, I think it’s the unit of measure code in the normal flow carton, for instance, like this, and then select the label number, which is label number 5.

I’m then asked, would you like to register and in this scenario, I won’t because I’m not sure what it’s actually doing here.

But if I run it again, just to show you how it works, instead of entering those information, I could have scanned a barcode which was hashtag, production order number, label number, and the unit of measure.

So if this was part of my barcode directly on a pallet or whatever, it will go directly to register data and in this way, I could instead of scanning three times, I could just scan one time so I can build bundle flow that I want to scan in one go.