An overview for Production Orders, Capacity Load and Operations

Overview: Shop Floor Overview
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The shop floor overview provides different overviews for different personas in the manufacturing area.

You have some filtering functionality in the header that applies to both production lines, capacity load lines, and further down operations.

And those are different overviews the different personas would like to use. So for instance, the production order lines would be a view of everything we’re going to produce meaning one line per item we’re outputting.

So this is an overview of what are we actually doing and expecting to output in the production area.

Whereas the capacity load line is a simple overview of the capacity within the filtering at the top, the allocated capacity and the load percentage.

And there’s functionality here to export the capacity load to excel, which has lots of more details in it. So we can see which resources will be loaded too much when.

So this is a persona that I had in charge of aligning or stretching out the capacity. So if we’re working with Gantt charts, etc, this will be a view that you could use to support that.

And the last view the operation view in the operation lines would be a view for the specific users in the production area, they wants to see what is coming next to us, what is the status of what we have done, what is the status of previous operations before so when can we expect it to arrive.

And we can also use it for registering time output, start/stop time, etc. So the lowest operation line view here would be more for the actual people working in the production area needing to register what they’ve done, needing to see an overview of what is coming to them.