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Overview: Operation Lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The field operation view can be a little tricky to understand, and the idea of the field is to limit the operations to see whether the operation is within the period or outside but overlapping the period we are talking about.

Let’s look at the examples here.

First of all, if I select total operations, the first one, the default one, and I’m running from September 9 till October 12, and I update my operation,

I will have if I filter ascending on my starting date,

I will have operations starting before that date, meaning September, 5, but as they end within the date filter, they will be here.

Likewise, if I filter descending on my ending date, I will have operation that ends later than October, 12, but they will start within the date period.

If I was using operation starts, it will only include operation that starts in that period, meaning when I’m filtering now on starting date ascending the first one will be from the beginning of the period or not before anyway.

Likewise, if I select operation ends, and I update my operation, the last ending date will be within my date field.

And again, if I select operation starts and ends, and I update my operation, the starting date will not be before my from-date and the ending-date will not be later than my to-date.

So it’s a matter of having the operation fully inside the date period. Part of it going out of the date period or just some of it, some of the operation time being in the date period.