Start/stop Operations with a fixed or remaining time

Functionality: My Operations
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

From all of the different start / stop menus, meaning from the start / stop operations, my operations directly in the time collectors on the shop floor overview, it’s possible to start / stop operation and actually finish the selections.

So if I press start / stop, and the next action will be started, if I’m just pressing yes now, it will just start the time trigger.

But I could also enter time directly, let’s say one and a half hour, be aware this is in our up here, or you have to enter it in this format.

And this will actually both start and stop the operation.

So the point of that would be if you want to enter a time directly, it will be entered as you can see down here, 1 day, 23 minutes, whatever, we have 23 hours, 42 minutes because we have some time in there already.

So this way you can make the standard and will actually create start and stop entries.

So if you’re measuring on start and stop operation entries, this is a way to create both of them and finish it.

And you could also say you’ve been starting on an operation working on it for one hour and you forgot to start after you came back from lunch or something so you can just start / stop and enter three hours and it will automatically create the difference.