The Shop Floor flows are gathering data while guiding the user through the proces

The generel concept of Shop Floor Mobile Flows
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This video includes functionality from the app "Shop Floor Mobile" which is available at Microsoft AppSource. Click to visit AppSource. Shop Floor Mobile

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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

The whole concept of the shop floor flow is to gather information from the user, and then in the end to do some kind of registrations.

For instance, if you want to register one time on an operation, the user will be guided through a process and actually nothing will happen until he or she is done.

So for instance, select production order number, select the operation number on that production order, state the amount of time you have used, state if you want to set the routing status to finished or you don’t want to do anything.

And then first now, when you say yes to registering data, it will post an output journal with this time registration.

Or depending on your setup in the background, it could also just leave a line in the output journal for somebody else to post.

But all the flows in here are meant for guidance of the user, which makes it very easy to do those registrations.