A run through the fields on the Operation Lines

Overview: Operation Lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Let’s take a run through the columns on the operation line in the shop floor overview.

First of all, you have the production order status. Normally, in the operation view, you would often only see the release production orders when you would, of course, also have filtered on firm planned and released, production order numbers, quantity on the order.

So this is not a field from the production order line, but it’s a nice field to know that if I’m producing this mountain bike on operation number, whatever it says out here, I want to know how many we actually producing.

This is why we took that field down as well. The item number you’re producing, item description on the production order line, the number of the operation, you can allocate resources directly here on the line.

So you can use this, it doesn’t have any impact on the planning, this is just an information field that you can add a resource and even more than one, you can see the routing status, you could also change the routing status directly here, you can see the manual priority that you could also change here, description, if it’s work center or machine centers providing it.

Let me just maximize it a little. So this all work centers in here, the work center or machine center number you have in here.

You can see the work center group code, all the dates, setup time, run time, previous routing status, the previous routing state is quite nice because if you look at each filter on your work center, you can see all the routing states before you that are finished. So those will be ready for you.

For instance, the sales order number and customer name, if that exists on the orders, meaning if it’s possible from the direct planning to grab that as well, and you can see it here.

So these are the fields you can see in the operation line view, there might be a few more and you can design them by yourself, and you can also take away columns that you don’t want to see.