Location Filter is defined per user and can be added to the Overview

Overview: Shop Floor Overview
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

Using the shop floor overview makes it possible to add a location filter, which relate to the user you have logged into.

It doesn’t relate to the user resource number, because we don’t log into this overview view.

So in this example, we have a location code basic, and WMS center on the operation lines, and also the location code basic.

And if we scroll down here a little, I’ll maximize the window, basic and WMS center on the operation lines, because we didn’t apply any filter.

By entering the capacity load setup, it’s possible to add a location filter, so for instance, I could be working on the WMS location like this.

And now when I come back to the window here, it has a filter on VMS location both on the operation lines and the production order lines.

It also applies to the capacity export when you export capacity to Excel or you update the capacities.

So this is the way you can apply location filter that you should set up for people working on the shop floor overview.