Carrying out actions on lines with suggestions for Assembly-to-Order Order movements creates Sales Order Handling lines only

Moving the Demand Dates of Assembly Order Lines
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Presenter: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer

When I have calculated my move demand dates, and it suggests to move order dates, and some of them are assembly items, it makes a difference when I carry out if it’s an assembly to stock item or assembly to order items.

In this scenario, my item number 3400 is an assembly to order items.

This means when I checkmark one of the lines on the item, it will checkmark both the sales orders and the assembly order and all the components.

So, in this scenario, it checkmarked four lines.

And if I scroll right in here, I can see my sales order number six for this item, and my assembly order number A1001, and my two assembler components that forced or created this movement.

They’re all bound by the same sales order.

So, the sales order is linked to the assembly order, and therefore it will only create one line.

So, if I’m looking into my quick journal right now, I would expect I have one line staying in here for another assembly order.

And if I look into my sales order handling journal, there shouldn’t be any lines.

Now when I carry out my scenario in here, those four lines, and it doesn’t matter which one I’ve checkmarked, it would checkmark all of them.

It creates one sales order line suggesting to move the sales order from May till June, and it didn’t create any more quick journal lines in here, except the one we already have, meaning it will just move one sales order and thereby move all the demands and supply in that assembly hierarchy.